Our Facilities

Indonesia and China is where we produce our garments. Fabrics are flown in from all over the world - Germany, Dubai, Korea, India, Turkey etc. These materials have been sourced by our elite buyers. From the purchasing to the producing, we ensure that only the best is being delegated for the respective tasks, even the shipments are done by our most trustworthy forwarders to curb damages et al.


Modern equipment - sewing machines and sensitive needle detectors allow us to produce our merchandise to the highest international standards.

Our Boutiques Layout Design

Anglia's distinctive stores are designed to put fun and freedom back into shopping. Grand and spacious interiors allow for relaxed and unhurried browsing, enticing our customers to return time and again. Exciting and creative in-store displays compliment the collections while friendly staff have been trained to take care of customer needs. Anglia's global network with prospective franchisees create a platform for future plans to operate. The company's profile is destined to expand.

The company's signature stores in Singapore, is testament to Anglia's already successful themes of flair, style and originality.

Franchising Opportunities

We have two separate labels open to franchisees. With differing structural and demographics appeal, the choice is yours to make depending on your visions and aspirations.


With affordable franchise fees and a fundamental franchise structure, it will be a straightforward procedure with minimal hassle.

For a capital start up ranging between 100k - 250k, we will be able to kick start your pursuit in this fashion retail industry.

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